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(CNN) — In terms of online entertainment, the World Cup seemed to have it all.
There was a cannibalistic Luis Suarez. escort bayan Tim Howard saving … well … everything. Sad Brazilians. And Cristiano Ronaldos hair.
Oh, yeah … and the actual matches, which saw the U.S. team make an inspiring run, the powerhouse Brazilians unravel in shocking fashion and the Germans ultimately capture first prize on Sunday.
The month-long spectacle also captured another prize: Its now the biggest social event in Web history.
On Facebook, Sundays final between Germany and Argentina alone spurred 280 million interactions by 88 million people, according to the company. That easily surpassed the former champ, last years Super Bowl, with its 245 million interactions.
Things were similarly fast and furious on Twitter, where the match was inspiring more than 618,000 tweets per minute, a new record for the site. There were a total of 32.1 million tweets about the match.
Germany crowned as Brazil 2014 champion
Riot police, fans clash after World Cup
Did you miss this World Cup hairstyle?
World Cup Markets Impact
Take those numbers and tack them onto the huge online engagement the tournament had already inspired and its a no-brainer that Brazil 2014 enjoyed online fandom like no event before it.
From June 12 to July 13, 350 million people generated a massive 3 billion World Cup posts, comments and likes, according to Facebok.
In just its first week, from June 12-18, the tournament inspired 459 million Facebook interactions — more than this years Super Bowl, the Academy Awards in March and the Sochi Winter Olympics combined.
FIFA, international soccers ruling body, says that more than 1 billion people engaged with World Cup content through its website, social media accounts and mobile app.
The official FIFA app became the biggest sports-event app ever, with 28 million downloads, 451 million Facebook users were reached by FIFAs page and its Instagram account rocketed from 42,000 followers to nearly 1 million in 31 days.
This has been the first truly mobile and social World Cup, FIFA President Sepp Blatter said. The 1 billion attendance in the global stadium created the sense of togetherness the World Cup brings and the shared excitement that digital platforms offer.
Certainly, the global appeal of the World Cup played a huge part in the tournaments popularity. But the big numbers were clearly being bolstered by growing interest in the United States, one of the few nations where soccer isnt, hands-down, the most popular sport.
During Sundays final, 10.5 million of the people engaged on Facebook were from the United States. Compare that to the 7 million people in Argentina and 5 million in Germany, the matchs actual participants, and you can see that U.S. interest in the tourney didnt disappear when the American side bowed out.
In the 28 days before the U.S. team lost to Belgium in the knockout round, 36.7 million U.S. fans engaged with the World Cups online properties, a spokesman for the organization said. Thats 11.2% of the countrys population and accounted for 23% of the total activity during that time.
In all, 42 million U.S. fans visited FIFA Web and mobile tools during the entire tournament.
As the U.S. mens team played its way out of a tough opening-round group that included Germany, Portugal and Ghana, U.S. Web users spent a total of 847 years and 143 days engaged with FIFA content. Thats more than soccer-crazy rivals Brazil, Germany, England and France combined.
The popularity of the World Cup in the USA shows what a nation of sports lovers and enthusiasts they are, Blatter said.
The carnival atmosphere experienced at the World Cup viewing parties, where fans filled whole city blocks across the U.S., shows the passion that Jürgen Klinsmanns side has instilled in U.S. sports fans.

South africa by cope

(CNN) — The British businessman accused of ordering a hit on his new wife while on honeymoon in South Africa will appear in a Cape Town court on Tuesday.
Shrien Dewani was returned to the country Monday by UK officials. He denies murdering Anni Dewani, 28, in November 2010 in Cape Town.
He has avoided extradition for the past three years on mental health grounds, but upon losing his latest appeal, British authorities have agreed to return him to South Africa to stand trial.
The extradition request was approved on the proviso that if Dewani was not fit to stand trial in the next 18 months, he will be returned to the United Kingdom.
Dewani left from Bristol Airport Monday night, according to a statement issued by Londons Metropolitan Police, and is set to arrive in South Africa on Tuesday morning, local time. He is accompanied by representatives from the South African authorities, and will be taken directly to court to be formally charged when he lands. The court is due to sit at 11:30 am (local time), a few hours after he lands.

Extradition in honeymoon murder

Extradition in honeymoon murder

Honeymoon murder case evidence revisited

Dewani, a millionaire care home owner, is accused of hiring a crew of hitmen to kill his wife during a taxi ride in Cape Town in November 2010, just over two weeks after their wedding.
Taxi driver Zola Tongo confessed within weeks of the brides death that he had hired two men to kill her.
In a plea deal with South African authorities, he said he was paid by Dewani to carry out the hit and to make it look as though the two were the victims of a carjacking as they were driving through a township on the edge of Cape Town. Tongo was subsequently sentenced to 18 years in prison for his part in the killing. His two accomplices are also serving lengthy sentences for their part in the killing.
In their ruling, the judges at the High Court in London said there was some prospect that Dewani could recover sufficiently to be fit to stand trial. He has been apparently suffering from mental health conditions, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Until his extradition, he had been held at Fromeside Hospital, a secure mental health unit in Bristol.
Upon arrival in South Africa, he is likely to be transferred to the bleak, prison-like Valkenberg hospital, a high security psychiatric facility in Cape Town.
The family of the victim has welcomed the ruling. Speaking at a news conference, her brother, Anish Hindocha said, Its been very difficult. There is no life in our family any more, we struggle very much. With the help of the South African people, with the help of the British people, we are at least trying to cope… we need justice for Anni

CNNs Marie-Louise Gumuchian and Isa Soares contributed to this report.

The of a of

(CNN) — Barring a surprise, the next big round of Apple announcements are coming June 2.
The company has announced the dates for its next World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), an annual event where Apple gives the press and developers a peek at its latest projects.
Because its a conference for application developers, the big unveilings tend to focus on operating systems and software, so dont bet on any major iPhone or iPad announcements. Desktop and laptop lines may get a refresh at the event, however.
Last year, Apple announced the latest version of its desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, and a heavily redesigned update to the mobile operating system, iOS 7. They also gave us the first peek at the cylindrical Mac Pro.
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a handful of new products Monday at WWDC 2013, his companys annual conference for its developers. Click through this gallery for highlights from past WWDCs.
Steve Jobs, then Apples interim CEO, gave the keynote address in May 1999 at the companys annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, typically a launching pad for products. That year Jobs announced a new Powerbook computer.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrated a preview of Apples forthcoming Mac OS X operating system during his WWDC keynote address in May 2000.
At this WWDC, Jobs announced that Apples Mac OS X would be pre-installed along with Mac OS 9 in all new Mac computers.
At the 2002 WWDC, Jobs presided over a theatrical mock funeral for Apples OS 9 operating system, complete with casket, fog and organ music. Its been a good friend, he said.
At WWDC 2003, Jobs unveiled the new Power Mac G5 desktop computer as well as iPhoto, iMovie and other software tools. That year Apple also pre-screened the Pixar movie, Finding Nemo.
Jobs posed here with a new flat-panel display, the first 30-inch model designed for the personal computer. He also announced the 2005 release of OSX Tiger.
Jobs opened his 2005 WWDC keynote by using a computer with an Intel processor, representing Apples switch from IBM to Intel for its processing chips.
Attendees eyed a new Apple Mac Pro desktop computer at the WWDC in 2006 in San Francisco. Jobs kicked off the conference with announcements of a new Mac Pro desktop computer and a forthcoming Mac OS X Leopard operating system.
This WWDC marked the launch of the original iPhone, which had been unveiled at an event in January of that year. The phone went on sale in the United States three weeks later, on June 29.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 3G, and compared it to other phones, at the 2008 WWDC. He also introduced the App Store, which would open to the public the next month and has served more than 50 billion downloads to date.
Apple Senior Vice President of iPhone Software Scott Forstall wore a lab coat and safety goggles while demoing a science app for the iPhone at the WWDC in June 2009. Jobs, suffering from cancer, was on medical leave at the time. That year Apple kicked off the conference by unveiling the iPhone 3GS.
Jobs, looking alarmingly thin, introduced the iPhone 4 during his keynote address at the 2010 WWDC.
Jobs returned from another medical leave to deliver the WWDC keynote address on June 6, 2011, when he introduced Apples iCloud storage system. The Apple co-founder died four months later.
Tim Cook gave his first WWDC keynote at the 2012 conference, where he announced new models of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops.
Highlights from Apples WWDC
Blasts from past WWDCs: 1999
Highlights from Apples WWDC
This year Apple will likely preview iOS 8, the updated operating system for iPhones and iPads. One rumored new feature is Healthbook, a hub for health and fitness apps that take advantage of all the sensors packed into the mobile devices.
Theres also good chance well get an update to OS X, following up Mavericks with a new Mac operating system, 10.10. Apple could also update the MacBook, iMac and MacBook Air with new, faster processors. The MacBook Air might finally get retina display, Apples term for its high-res screens.
The long rumored iWatch could also make its debut at this event, although that seems unlikely. But Apple is notoriously secretive and might still be able to slip in a few surprises.
WWDC lasts five days, running from June 2 to 6. For consumers, the real action happens during the opening keynote when CEO Tim Cook and select Apple executives take the stage to give a choreographed pep talk and demonstration of new products.
After the splashy news announcements, developers from around the world attend sessions, classes and talks to learn the nitty-gritty details of creating programs for the various operating systems. They get one-on-one time with Apple engineers and work hands-on with the new platforms.
Its also a huge networking event, peppered with meet-ups, open bars and parties. Apple says 1,000 Apple engineers and 5,000 developers attend WWDC.
Most of the major tech companies with platforms host annual developers conferences. In addition to getting free news coverage, the companies can make tidy amounts of money on the events.
WWDC costs $1,599 to attend, while this weeks Microsoft Build lasts three days and costs $2,095, and Google I/O is three days and $900. And on April 30, Facebook is bringing back its one-day F8 developer conference after a hiatus.

Spacesuit torso environment your environment

Editors note: Each week in Apparently This Matters, CNNs Jarrett Bellini applies his warped sensibilities to trending topics in social media and random items of interest on the Web.
(CNN) — The July 21, 1969, headline of the New York Times read, MEN WALK ON MOON.
But had Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin not been wearing their fancy A7L spacesuits when they stepped off the Eagle, readers would probably have woken up to WELL, THAT GOT MESSY.
Apparently This Matters Is Jarrett Bellinis weekly (and somewhat random) look at social-media trends.
To be fair, I dont actually know what happens if an astronaut ventures out into space wearing, say, blue jeans and a Mexican Baja hoodie, but if cartoons have taught me anything — and God knows they have — its that people tend to explode.
So thats exactly what would happen. Cartoons dont lie.
Of course, the Apollo 11s original A7L spacesuit was a technological achievement for its time. But like all things NASA, it was a constant work in progress, and four missions later when Apollo 15 blasted off for (I think) Pittsburgh, astronauts began wearing the A7LB.
See what they did there? They added a B.
Most notably, among some other minor changes, the A7LB provided more waist mobility for sitting in the rovers. But it was also probably just as difficult to change your socks.
Yo, Buzz, a little help here.
Since the Apollo missions, spacesuits have continued to change and advance, always reaching for the limits of science and imagination. Though, I am holding back a certain amount of praise for NASA until they finally engineer a loose-fitting space Snuggie.
I mean, whats the point of going into the cosmos if you have to wear pants?
Today, NASA is once again deep into developing a whole new spacesuit, and this time, you actually get to help decide the design.
But just the appearance. Not any of the technical specs. That would just be reckless.
It needs a beer holder! For your beer! Roll Tide!
This is the A7L spacesuit. Unfortunately, Madison Rising was not available to perform when the flag was placed on the moon in 1969.
On Monday, voting started on the new Z-2 spacesuit. Participants can choose between three design models, all of which are so futuristically ridiculous that they are simply amazing. I love them.
The new spacesuits are a direct improvement to the current prototype Z-1, which had a soft upper torso. The Z-2 is made of state-of-the-art hard composite, perfect for cage fighting on Mars. Which is probably the first thing well do with the Red Planet after we put up a Wal-Mart.
The Z-2 is also the first spacesuit to use 3-D laser scanning and 3-D printing.
Cast your vote here
So, clearly, theres a bit of serious technology going on here. Though, with all due respect to NASA, none of this stacks up to the vision and engineering of the Sports Illustrated football phone.
Really, that thing was a technological wonder.
But so are the new Z-2 spacesuits, and when you go online to vote, youll have three options.
The first option, Biomimicry, is inspired by the oceans of Earth and mimics some of the bioluminescent qualities of fish and reptiles. Its signature feature is electroluminescent wire that stretches across the upper torso and becomes visible in low light.
To me, this is the least interesting of the three designs, though its reptilian outer shell might buy us some time with our new alien overlords.
Gork, she sort of looks like us.
Your mom sort of looks like us.
Shut up, Gork.
The second design is called Technology and uses Luminex wire and light-emitting patches that can help crew members easily identify each other on spacewalks.
The current model actually being used in space is the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or EMU for short.
Its actually a cool-looking design, but Im pretty sure they couldve just saved a bunch of money by stealing a box of those Hello, My Name is _____ stickers from a company retreat.
Oh, so youre Dave.
Dude, we just spent the last 250 days together in a space ship flying to Mars. How do you not know this?
The third option is called Trends in Society, and with a bright color scheme mimicking athletic training gear, its supposed to reflect what everyday clothes might look like in the future.
Keeping to its name, the Trends in Society spacesuit proudly supports legalized marijuana and doesnt want to have kids.
Its very progressive.
Voting ends for the Z-2 project April 15, and the winning design will be revealed by April 30. After that, NASA expects to have the suit completed by November and will immediately begin testing with it at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
These tests will take place in vacuum chambers, a neutral buoyancy lab and a simulated Mars environment.
Your mom is a simulated Mars environment.
Shut up, Gork.
Follow @JarrettBellini on Twitter.

Make a allow said

Brussels, Belgium (CNN) — NATOs military chief warned Wednesday that Russian troops could begin moving on Ukraine within 12 hours of being given an order, amid fears that Moscow could seek to invade its eastern region.
Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATOs supreme allied commander Europe, also told CNNs Christiane Amanpour that with 40,000 troops massed near the border, Russia has all the components necessary to move on Ukraine.
These forces are supported by fixed-wing aircraft, rotary aircraft, all of the logistics required in order to successfully make an incursion if they needed, he said.
In terms of deterrence, Breedlove said NATO has a good air and sea plan and is working in the next several days on developing a land component to that reassurance.

NATO: Forces will stay in Afghanistan

NATO: Land deterrence needed against Russia

Kerry: Energy cant be used as a weapon

Ukraine is not a NATO member, but many countries that are members — such Poland and the Baltic states — have voiced their increasing anxiety about Russias recent actions.
NATO said on Tuesday that it would suspend all practical civilian and military cooperation with Russia in response to its annexation of Ukraines southern Crimea region, which has triggered the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.
It also said it had seen no sign that Moscow is withdrawing some of its troops from the eastern Ukrainian border, as Russia has claimed.
NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking in Brussels at the end of a two-day meeting of foreign ministers from the 28-member NATO bloc, said he shared Breedloves concerns. He accused Russia of trying to intimidate Ukraine as part of an attempt to reestablish a Russian sphere of influence covering the former Soviet space.
Rasmussen again said Russia had a massive military buildup along Ukraines borders, with troops in a high state of readiness, and that NATO had not seen signs of any significant reduction in that buildup.
This is really a matter of grave concern. If Russia were to intervene further in Ukraine, I wouldnt hesitate to call it a historic mistake, he said.
That would lead to further … international isolation of Russia. It would have far-reaching consequences for relations between Russia and what we as a whole might call the Western world. It would be a miscalculation with huge strategic implications.
Urging Moscow to pull back its troops from the border, Rasmussen stressed that NATO wants to find a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine.
In an earlier media interview Wednesday, Breedlove said that Russia could roll across the country in three to five days if it wanted to, a NATO military official said.
Russia dismisses Cold War sparring
As the diplomatic back-and-forth continued Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry by phone.

NATO stands firm with Ukraine

Russian troops stay, NATO amps security

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Lavrov stressed the need for joint efforts to launch internal dialogue in Ukraine to reach national unity and raised concern about the decisions reached by NATO, which dont help the implementation of these tasks.
A senior State Department official said Kerry conveyed the strong support he was hearing for the people of Ukraine and the legitimate government of Ukraine from counterparts at the NATO meeting. He also reiterated the objective of de-escalating the crisis and called for Russian-Ukrainian government talks.
A statement posted by Russias Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, quoting spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich, dismissed NATOs words as rhetoric that harks back to the Cold War.
The wording of the statement rather reminds us of verbal sparring of the Cold War times, while the decision itself brings us six years back, when Brussels froze the work of the Russia-NATO Council, it said. It is well known how this freeze ended up. NATO initiated a return to cooperation with Russia, stating an all-weather nature of cooperation within the framework of the Russia-NATO Council.
The NATO ministers said on Tuesday that political dialogue in the NATO-Russia Council could continue, as necessary, at the ambassadorial level and above, to allow us to exchange views, first and foremost on this crisis.
They said they would review NATOs relations with Russia at their next meeting in June.
Marine deployment
Within the next few days, 175 U.S. Marines from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina will begin deploying to Romania as part of an effort to beef up a Marine Corps presence in Europe for dealing with contingencies. The deployment to Romania was long planned, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said.
The Marines will become additional forces assigned to a so-called Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force headquartered in Moron, Spain. But additional forces in Romania will beef up the U.S. military presence in the region as tensions have risen over the Russian troop buildup along Ukraines border.
Romania has agreed to allow up to 600 U.S. forces on its soil at any one time. There are an additional 300 Marines in Romania as part of a longstanding bilateral training program.
The Pentagon is also considering additional moves in Eastern Europe to beef up military deployment exercises. A Navy warship is expected to enter the Black Sea in the coming days for another round of port visits and exercises as part of the effort, Warren said.
Kerry: Dont use energy as a weapon
Earlier Wednesday, Kerry said energy supplies must not be used as a political weapon, speaking at an EU-U.S. energy summit held in Brussels alongside the NATO talks.
His remarks came after Russian energy giant Gazprom announced a hefty increase in the price of natural gas it supplies to Ukraine.
Kerry, who spoke while flanked by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said the European Union and United States were taking important steps to make it harder for one state to hold another hostage to energy supplies.
No nation should use energy to stymie a peoples aspirations, said Kerry, co-chairman of the EU-U.S. Energy Council. We cannot allow it to be used as a political weapon or an instrument of aggression.
Europe and the United States are working together to reduce Ukraines reliance on Russian energy by developing alternative sources of natural gas, Kerry said.
Were working in lockstep to help Ukraine bring natural gas in from Poland and Hungary and develop a route through Slovakia, he said, adding that the United States also hopes to export more natural gas in the future.
At the same time, Kerry said Ukraine has committed to work to reduce consumer subsidies to make its energy market more efficient.
The International Monetary Fund last week agreed to lend Ukraine up to $18 billion over the next two years in return for a package of reforms, including to its energy market.
In the United States, the House of Representatives gave final congressional approval Tuesday to legislation that would provide $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine and would impose sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine. President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill.
Developments in Ukraine have brought energy security concerns to the fore and prove the need to reinforce energy security in Europe, said a joint statement issued by the EU-U.S. Energy Council.
Kerry also spoke again Wednesday with his NATO counterparts, including Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, Norways Borge Brende, Polands Radoslaw Sikorski and British Foreign Secretary William Hague.
Gas price hike
After the increase in gas prices reported by Russian state media Tuesday, Ukraine will pay $385.50 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas, up from the previous rate of $268.50.
The move, which is now in effect, ends a discount that was agreed to before Ukraines pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted after months of street protests.
Ukraine also owes $1.7 billion in unpaid natural gas bills, Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller was quoted as saying by the state-run RIA Novosti news agency.
In a move that may add to Ukraines financial woes, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill Wednesday terminating Russian agreements with Ukraine over the lease of its Black Sea naval base in Crimea, RIA Novosti reported.
Russia paid the Ukrainian government $530 million annually for use of the Sevastopol base, and it wrote off nearly $100 million of Kievs debt for the right to use Ukrainian waters, according to the news agency. This deal will now come to an end.
Also terminated was an agreement under which Russia gave Ukraine a $100 discount on natural gas, RIA Novosti said. This means that the price Ukraine pays is expected to rise to $485.50 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas once the Russian government issues an official resolution, it said.
Far-right leaders death investigated
Separately, Ukraines Interior Ministry released a statement about the death last month of prominent far-right activist Oleksandr Muzychko, better known as Sashko Biliy.
The ministry has said that Muzychko, a leader of Right Sector, a far-right group prominent in the recent anti-government protests, had been killed in a shootout with police in the town of Rivne. Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksandr Doniy, whose constituency is in Rivne, gave a different version of events, saying the activist was dragged into a car and then shot.
On Wednesday, the ministry said special forces had acted in accordance with the law and all their actions are concluded legitimate during his arrest. It said Muzychko was killed when he fired at himself.
What do we know about Russias troop buildup on Ukraines border?

Journalist Susannah Palk reported from Brussels and CNNs Laura Smith-Spark wrote and reported in London. CNNs Alla Eshchenko, Barbara Starr, Mick Krever, Jason Hanna and Jonathan Helman contributed to this report.

Descend few + attractions

(CNN) — Warning: dont read this list if you have a heart condition.
What follows are 50 heart-pounding, life-affirming activities thatll get that tiptoeing-the-cliff-edge buzz shooting around your body.
In some cases, literally.
What have we missed? Tell us about your own daredevil experiences in the comment section below.

You wont fly a U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet (pictured) off an aircraft carrier, but you can still play Maverick.

1. Jet fighter pilot for a day (Europe/U.S.)
Are you a Maverick or a Goose?
Top Gun references aside, these day you really can fly a fighter jet.
Switzerland-based MiGFlug is an intermediary between the public and operators of fighter jets such as defense departments and air forces that makes it possible for you to fly in a MiG-29, L-39 Albatross and Hawker Hunter, among other aircraft.
MiGFlug operates in Russia, the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries.
MiGFlug; 41 44 500 5010 (Switzerland); 1 813 384 3191 (United States); 44 20 3129 3070 (UK)
2. Volcano boarding (Nicaragua)
Snow boarding is old school.
The most extreme way to slide a slope is at Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.
The live volcano, which erupted as recently as 1999, has become a hotspot for extreme boarders, who can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour as they course down the volcano.
Run by Bigfoot Nicaragua, day trips include a hike, boarding session and mojitos.
Bigfoot Nicaragua, Del Banco Procredit 1/2 cuadra al Sur, Leon, Nicaragua; 505 8505 1284; $30 including $5 entrance fee to the park
3. Cage of Death (Australia)
You can stare into the faces of some of Australias biggest saltwater crocodiles for 15 minutes, separated by nothing more than a couple inches of glass.
The cage houses two people at a time, so therell be someone there to hold your hand.
Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin Crocodile Park, 58 Mitchell St., Darwin; 61 8 8981 7522; $160/240 for one/two persons
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4. Cliff walk (China)
Heres a trek with a difference: at 2,160 meters, the majestic South Peak of Mount Hua is one of the most popular among climbers in the mountain range.
Some say its the most treacherous.
At one point, a kilometer above the ground, you have to traverse a slim wooden plank stuck to the face of a vertical cliff.
South Peak of Mount Hua
5. Insanity ride (United States)
Hovering 270 meters above ground and 20 meters over the edge of Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower, these spinning mechanical arms will get your heart pounding probably even before youve strapped yourself to a seat.
Its not the only ride offered at the 350-meter Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.
But its the one most likely to make you question your sanity.
Ride Insanity, 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard S., Las Vegas; 1 800 99 86937; $15 per ride, entry to the Tower costs $18

Always wear a helmet. That way no one can see you cry.

6. Zapcat powerboating (United Kingdom)
These inflatable catamaran hulls decked out with powerful racing engines are built purely for speed, and therefore thrills.
The Gs can be brutal, and the jumps will make you wonder whether youre sailing or flying, but there are few things on water that beat these bad boys for bragging rights.
The powerboat experience in the United Kingdom is run by the current National Zapcat Championship winning team.
Zapcat powerboating; 44 0844 815 7793; from $300 per experience
7. CN Tower Edge Walk (Canada)
The thrill of visiting Torontos CN Tower used to be the half-kilometer ride up the elevator.
Now, adventurers can dangle from the outside of the roof of the towers restaurant, 356 meters above the ground.
The Edge Walk lasts 90 minutes, with 20-30 minutes spent on the walk itself.
CN Tower, 301 Front St., West Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 1 416 868 6937; $160
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Why climb when you can fly?

8. Everest skydive (Nepal)
You could spend months preparing for, and eventually climbing, the worlds highest mountain … or you could skydive past it.
The self-proclaimed worlds most elite skydiving adventure allows adventurers to jump from a plane at 29,500 feet, higher than the Everest summit, to float back to base camp.
Everest skydive; 33 634 267 097; $25,000/35,000 for one/tandem
9. Nevis Bungy (New Zealand)
Think Usain Bolt is quick?
You can travel 134 meters in 8.5 seconds, if you have a go on the Nevis Bungy, New Zealands highest.
The adventure starts before you get to the pod, 134 meters above the Nevis River, with a 4×4 jeep journey across the kiwi back country.
Nevis Bungy, buses to the location depart from the Station Building, Queenstown daily; 64 800 286 4958; $222
10. Free dive at Deans Blue Hole (Bahamas)
Dont be fooled by its poetic name or its tropical location: Deans Blue Hole is deep, dark and intimidating.
But, if youre up for it, you can tame the worlds deepest known seawater blue hole by learning to become a free diver.
You probably wont beat William Trubridge, who broke the unassisted free diving record by diving 100 meters here in 2011.
And you certainly wont conquer all 203 meters of this light-and-oxygen-deprived sinkhole.
But youll have a great time getting close.
Deans Blue Hole; a four-day beginners course starts at $475
11. Worlds steepest roller coaster (Japan)
The worlds steepest steel roller coaster opened at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Tamanash, Japan, in 2011.
On top of a free fall of 121 degrees, riders fight G forces through seven twists and a drop of 43 meters.
The near-vertical free fall is the fourteenth Guinness World Record set by Fuji-Q, one of the leading amusement parks in the world for thrill seekers.
Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara, Fujiyoshda, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan; 81 0555 23 2111; $10 per ride, entrance ticket to the park costs $13

Having a ball? Or just in it?

12. Zorbing (Global)
Yes, it looks and feels faintly ridiculous, but theres nothing like tumbling around in a giant inflatable ball to bring out the child in you.
Its simple: get to the top of a hill, crawl into a giant inflatable orb and off you go.
Your only regret will be not having room for one in your backyard.
Zorb; 64 9 365 1180 (various offices in the United States); around $40 per person.
13. Water buffalo racing (Indonesia)
Balancing on small, wooden chariots while wading through shin-deep wet rice fields, racers have to control both their own nerves and not one but two charging bullocks.
You wont be able to compete, but just watching these animals careering almost out of control through mud and water will got your blood pumping.
The water buffalo races are held every year in Negara Town, Bali, in October.
Makepung buffalo race, Negara
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14. Running of the Bulls (Spain)
This one might be a bucket list cliché, but theres no adrenaline rush quite like the fear of being gored and trampled by one of the worlds most powerful land mammals.
The biggest Running of the Bulls event occurs during the nine-day festival in San Fermin (July 6-14) in Pamplona, Spain.
Fifteen bulls charge through the streets of the old city, to be herded into the bull ring.
If you get cold feet, they run for seven consecutive mornings so you have plenty of chances to build your nerve.
There is a down side — at least 15 people have died in the event since 1924.
Pamplona, Spain; 34 1 888 825 4720
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15. Office Chair Race (Germany)
Sitting in the same old office chair day after day can be so dull.
Why not kit it out with crazy add-ons and race it down the road?
The Office Chair Racing Championship in the German resort town of Bad Koening sees more than 50 participants race downhill over jump ramps.
Bad Koenig-Zell, Germany
16. Kayak over a waterfall (United States)
Floating down a river isnt always an exercise in blissful stress reduction.
Taking on the waterfalls of the Palouse region of eastern Washington State and northern Idaho is proving an irresistible sport for young pro kayakers.
Tyler Bradt, who clinched a 3.7-second freefall over the 57-meter (thats higher than Niagara Falls) Palouse Falls in eastern Washington in 2009 said the motivating factor for all of this was just that I thought it was possible.
Heres a video of Tyler Bradts adventure.
Palouse Falls, Palouse Falls State Park, LaCrosse, Washington; 1 360 902 8844
17. Motorcycle cab ride (Thailand)
Dont mistake this for some ordinary cab ride.
Commuting on two wheels in Thailand is an adventure.
In places like Krabi and Bangkok, tourists and locals alike often enjoy the thrill of snaking through crowded streets at high speed, inches away from buses on either side.
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At this point, even a mirage would be fine.

18. Marathon des Sables (Morocco)
Six days, 50 C, 254 kilometers — just some of the reasons this ultra marathon across the Sahara Desert in Morocco is known as the worlds toughest foot race.
This isnt one to go into unprepared.
Competitors must carry all their own equipment and even experienced runners train for years for the race.
In 2007, two competitors died on the way.
The 2014 race takes place April 4-14.
Registration for the 2015 race opens in spring this year.
Marathon des Sables; 33 3 2576 5777 (head office); inquiries can be made through an online form; entry fees $3,680 for individual and $3,820 for each competitor in a team
19. Nurburgring taxi ride (Germany)
BMW Ring Taxis are available from April to October, during which time you can be driven by a professional driver around a race track in a BMW M3.
The rides take place in the Nordschleife, given the name Green Hell by Formula 1 racer Jackie Stewart.
Its one of the two race tracks in Nurburgring.
Ring taxis get booked up a year in advance, but you can keep an eye out for canceled reservations as April approaches.
BMW Ring Taxis, Nurburgring, 1 Nurburgring Boulevard, Nürburg; 49 2691 302 630; $307 per lap.
Travelers can book the more flexible tourist drives experience for $36 per lap.
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20. Hot air ballooning (Turkey)
Its one of the oldest, and finest, ways to see the world.
The sweeping vistas of the Cappadocia greet those who float silently in clear skies above the regions villages.
Champagne is provided.
Hot air balloon, Nese Tour, Avanos Yolu Uzeri No: 54, Goreme, Nevsehir Province, Turkey; 9 0533 768 3409; from $238
21. Whitewater rafting (Zambia)
The Zambezi River in Africa is rated Class 5 for rafting, which means extremely difficult, slightly easier than unrunnable.
Its thundering rapids — nicknamed Oblivion, Overland Truck Crash and Stairway to Heaven — pull no punches.
Just below Victoria Falls, youll be hit relentlessly by raging waters and tested by precipitous drops and deadly whirlpools.
White water rafting; 260 213 324406/7; $151 per person

High tea, anyone?

22. Dine in the sky (Worldwide)
Pull up a seat takes on a new and literal meaning when you and 21 of your friends are eating dinner hanging from a crane 50 meters in the air.
Each meal takes around an hour, and going to the toilet can be a rather unsubtle affair as the whole table needs to descend if someone really needs to go.
But this is one meal thats memorable for other reasons.
Dinner in the sky
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23. Harbour Bridge climb (Australia)
More than 2,000 marriage proposals have been made at the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge since the bridge climb service went into operation.
There are various ways to get to the top of the bridge to view one of the most beautiful harbors of the world — The Express Climb (just more than two hours), The Discovery Climb (3.5 hours up close with the engineering) and The Bridge Climb (3.5 hours along the outer arch).
Sydney Harbour Bridge climb; 3 Cumberland St., The Rocks, Sydney; 61 2 8274 7777; $180-323
24. Swim with great white sharks (South Africa)
There are countless places to swim with sharks, but one of the best is in Cape Town.
A Great White Shark Diving and Viewing trip from Simons Town can also include a visit to the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony.
Great white shark diving, Simons Town Harbour, Simons Town, Cape Town; 27 21 782 9356; $146-217
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25. London Eye (United Kingdom)
Three million people cant be wrong, can they?
Thats roughly the number of people who take a ride on Europes biggest Ferris wheel each year.
The 135-meter-tall icon is to London what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.
But much more fun to ride.
Trips take about 30 minutes and provide spectacular views across the city.
Night trips show Londons lights spread out for miles around.
London Eye, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London; from $44
26. Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race (Chile)
Theres no better way to appreciate the Patagonian landscape than to swim in its rivers, hike its hills, cycle its paths and climb and kayak through its 563 kilometers of rugged topography.
Teams of four take up to 10 days to travel through the roughest and most remote corners of Patagonia.
Racers can only use satellite images to navigate.
The clock never stops and many teams take just a few hours of sleep over the duration of the race.
There wont be a race in 2014, but registration for the 2015 edition will be open soon.
Patagonian Expedition Race; 56 61 61 3891; $1,350-2,170
27. Wingsuit flight (Switzerland)
You may not want to fly through a waterfall in your wingsuit as one thrill seeker did in 2011.
But just zipping this thing on and preparing to get as close to natural flight as is humanly possible will get your nerves jangling.
The United States Parachute Association requires any jumper flying a wingsuit for the first time have a minimum of 200 freefall skydives. Click here for information on how to get certified as a wingsuit flier.
Some wingsuit schools to look up once youre ready: Skydive Elsinore and Texas Wingsuit Academy.
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28. Ice swimming (Finland)
Don swimming togs, find a deep patch of frozen water, drill a hole and plunge in — thats the protocol for this time-honored Finnish custom.
If the thought of plunging right into an icy hole sends shivers up your spine, you can heat up with a sauna session first.
Watch a video of ice-hole swimming in Finland here.
Ice-swimming, VisitFinland
29. Sopelana Naturist Race (Spain)
Theres a strict dress code for this race — a cap or hat, sunglasses, socks, footwear and nothing else.
Formally called Patxi Ros Trophy, the race was initiated by Patxi Ros, sports and naturism lover, in 1999.
In 2003 it was taken over by the Basque Country Naturist Club, which uses it to promote the naturalist way of life.
Basque Country Naturist Club
30. Neuschwanstein Castle paraglide (Germany)
Paragliding anywhere is going to be a thrill, but it looks best in this video of a flight over the fantastical Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
The building allegedly inspired Walt Disney as he was creating the castles of his cartoons.
Paraworth, C/O Ambos Fussenerstr 28, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany; 49 177 845 0720; $203

Amazing how much fun you can have with a ball and some bounce.

31. Bossaball (Global)
Bossaball combines soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and capoeira, and is played on a big bouncy trampoline-like surface.
Players try to ground the ball on the other side of the net.
It takes skill and athleticism, but most of all a childish sense of fun.
32. Worlds highest zip ride (South Africa)
You can become a human torpedo on the worlds highest and fastest zip line.
At a height of 280 meters and two kilometers long, riders can hit 160 kilometers per hour.
A great way to feel like a bird. A very nauseous bird.
The best part about this thrill activity is that it doesnt require any skills.
Just courage.
Zip2000, Sun City, South Africa; 27 14 557 1544/3382; from $40

Cheesy isnt always bad.

33. Cheese rolling (United Kingdom)
Its not smart, its not even that impressive.
But it is fun.
With roots in a springtime heathen festival, the cheese rolling race originally involved an eight-pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheese sent careening down Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire, England, with daredevil contestants in hot pursuit.
Last years race saw the cheese being replaced with a lighter, safer foam copy.
Either way, bruised limbs and fractured bones are inevitable, as people try to catch the wheel of before it gets to the bottom of the 200-meter hill.
The event takes place on the last Monday of May.
See a gallery of the Cheese Rolling and Wake competition.
Cheese-Rolling at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire
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34. Hang glide (United States)
One of the best spots for hang gliding is Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the Cumberland Plateau rises more than 900 meters above the lush Sequatchie Valley.
Local pilot and hang glide specialist Trevor Childress makes a living giving others the thrill of their lives.
Going on Glide, 1570 Window Rock Road, Dunlap, Tennessee; 1 423 463 6389; $149
35. Rickshaw Run (India)
Why get frustrated haggling with Indias rickshaw wallahs when you can ride one and see the country yourself?
With these three-wheeled, half-a-horsepower contraptions, dozens of gallant travelers race from one end of India to the other three times a year.
Each edition is different from the last and is the most stupid and probably the best thing you could possibly do with two weeks according to The Adventurists website.
The Adverturists; 44 (0) 117364 3402; $2,464 per team (up to four members per team), each team will also have to raise $1,648 for charity
36. Sea kayaking (Antarctica)
For many, making it all the way up to Antarctica is enough.
But in order to cross it off this list, youll need to get into the water.
You can get there by flying to the southern tip of the world in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to take a boat to the Antarctic.
We recommend Natural Habitat Expeditions as a discovery tour.
Natural Habitat Expeditions; 1 303 449 3711/ 1 800 543 8917 (toll free from United States and Canada); 15-to-17-day trip starting at $22,995, boarding at Ushuaia, Argentina, and disembarking at Punta Arenas (flights to/from Ushuaia and Punta Arenas not included)
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37. Dog sled racing (United States)
Dog sledding may not sound exciting, but consider that youre on dog-powered transportation whistling past trees at speeds humans werent really designed for.
Its best to go with a company that does small groups to ensure your independence on the sled.
Golsovia Alaska offers some of the best dog mushing; youll see the vast tundra, moose, wolves, eagles and, maybe, the Northern Lights.
Alaska Adventures; 1 877 923 2419; from $2,500
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Who says thrills cant be chill?

38. Great Barrier Reef dive (Australia)
If youre a water baby, or a nature lover, and especially if youre both, a diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the worlds greatest natural constructions, will be like coming home.
Hook Reef on the east side of Southern Swain Reefs, 220 kilometers from Gladstone, has up to 50 meters of visibility so you can see scorpion fish, parrot fish, fusiliers, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, starfish and octopus.
Learn to dive at Prodive Cairns.
The Whitsundays; Overnight diving and sailing tour about $420 with Whitsunday dive operators
39. Death Drop (Zambia/Zimbabwe)
Four glorious seconds of terrified regret as you walk off a 53-meter high cliff and free fall at 180 kilometers an hour.
Youll just have time to catch the awesome view of Batoka Gorge before the terror of what youre doing throws your stomach into your mouth and snaps your eyes shut.
Wild Horizon gorge swing, The Look-out, Batoka Gorge, Victoria Falls (transfer from Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe); 263 (13) 44571/44426/42313/42029 (if calling from Zimbabwe); 260 (21)3 322765 (if calling from Zambia); $90/$130 (solo/tandem)
40. Dead Sea swim (Israel)
Perhaps that should be try to swim.
The Dead Sea isnt a sea at all but a lake made up of 30% salt, which turns even the skinniest figures into buoyant blobs on the surface.
Its better to just sit there and enjoy it.
The salty water is meant to be good for the skin and can help with respiration.
Swimmers must wear shoes — the salt crystals on the bottom are sharp enough to cut your feet.
41. Rally drive (Sydney)
Once strapped into a competition-prepared, V8-charged Impreza WRX, how can your inner Schumacher not express himself?
Those with driving experience can take the controls and get a feel for rally driving on a custom-designed course, after which the terror quotient cranks up again as a pro driver shows you how its really done.
Adrenalin, 20 Burton St., Sydney, Australia; 61 1300 791 793; different prices for various laps
42. Death Road cycle (Bolivia)
Ever since a new road was built connecting the same destinations, Bolivias Death Road has been all but abandoned by cars, leaving it to a few brave cyclists.
The road connects Bolivias main city, La Paz, and the Yungas region.
Such is the beauty of the scenery, thousands of people flock to ride this route every year.
Some reports claim 300 people die each year on the road.
Its best to avoid the road during rainy season (December to February).
Gravity Bolivia, Av. 16 de Julio #1490, Edificio Avenida, La Paz, Bolivia; 591 2 231 3849; about $110 per ride but travelers should book a ride and confirm the price with Gravity Bolivia
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43. Wing Walking (United Kingdom)
Strapped into the top wing of a vintage biplane, youll get swept through the skies at 220 kilometers per hour.
Originally a functional role during wartime to aid in-air re-fueling or to transfer fuel tanks from plane to plane, wing walking is now purely a thrill seekers pursuit.
And for those who like a face full of bugs.
Wing Walking, various locations; $825

High stakes ride. Very high.

44. Himalaya rally (India)
What makes Raid-de-Himalaya different from other motorcar rallies?
You have to drive above an altitude of 4,572 meters for two days of the five-day adventure.
This turns the rally from one of pure driving skill, to one of intense endurance and physical and mental toughness, as you battle oxygen depletion and icy temperatures.
Raid-de-Himalaya; 91 98160 25899
45. Surf Shipstern Bluff (Australia)
Great white sharks, huge waves, difficulty just getting out there — there are several reasons Shipstern Bluff is considered one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world.
It was only when Tasmanian surfer Andy Campbell took up the challenge 1997 that the spot on the southeastern coast of Tasmania became fodder for big wave surfers around the world.
46. Cliff diving (Mexico)
Cliff diving — it involves big heights, high speeds, crowds of onlookers, and if youre doing it properly, tiny Speedos.
Whats not to like?
This extreme form of getting into the water began in Hawaii and has since spread across the world.
Divers in Acapulco, Mexico, are the most famed.
You can watch them from the safety of your restaurant, then sign up with the World High Diving Federation to train yourself up for a big splash.
World High Diving Federation, Langestrasse 42, CH-3603 Thun, Switzerland; 41 33 535 5852

Vertigo is a trip.

47. Worlds longest cable car ride (China)
The cable car at Tianmen Shan (Heavens Gate Mountain) in Chinas Hunan province is the worlds longest — it takes 28 minutes from start to finish.
Chinas scenic town of Zhangjiajie and Tianmen Shan are connected by the 7,455-meter-long cable car ride that gets as steep as 38 degrees in parts.
It ascends and descends 1,279 meters.
Tianmen Shan cable car, Tianmen Shan cable car lower station, Guanliping, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China; 86 744 836 9999 ; cable car ride costs $25, admission ticket to the park is $12
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48. Snowmobiling (Canada)
Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve in Newfoundland is the largest protected area in the province, offering miles of uncharted terrain for extreme snowmobiling.
Its fast, its furious, it isnt always safe, but thats why we do it, right?
The snowmobile season runs from December to April.
Newfoundland Outdoor Adventures; 1 709 467 2744; $227/318 for a four/six-hour tour
49. Ice climbing (United States)
Its a bit like yoga — constantly bending your limbs into awkward postures — but with a helmet, spiky shoes and an ax, inside a giant fridge.
You need to be fit, you need to be nimble, and you need to be prepared for one of lifes most exhilarating experiences.
Colorado offers some of the best ice climbing in the world.
Front Range Climbing Co., 1370 Windmill Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado; 1 866 404 3721; ice climbing classes start from $240 (four hours) to $350 (six hours)
50. Rodeo (United States)
Another sport derived from a functional job, a rodeo, the naughty twin of cattle herding, will test your strength, balance and determination to impress that cute cowgirl or cowboy in the stands.
There are various events, from roping and tying up calves, to barrel racing to steer wrestling, so if the thought of sitting on one of those bucking broncs for eight seconds turns you off, dont fear — there are other ways to get hurt.
Sankey Rodeo Schools, 3943 Sycamore Church Road, Branson, Missouri; 1 417 263 7777; various prices for different classes (from about $100)
What have we missed? Tell us about your own daredevil experiences in the comment section below.

Vatican came the leaders of the Inquisition Office

king Philippe was no wimp himself and had already got rid of one Pope and installed his own puppet Pope in Rome. He then went further to hijack the whole of the Vatican and install them in Avignon in southern France. With the Vatican came the leaders of the Inquisition Office. Philippe persuaded the Pope to declare all Templars heretics which gave the King unofficial control of the Inquisition office whose clandestine duty was to rid the territory of Heretics. Step by step, Gestapo style the Inquisition in the guise of Dominican Monks routed out the leaders of the Templars and burnt them at the stake.

In England although the Inquisition did not operate the Templars did. Philippe asked his son-in-law Edward 2nd to copy his grisly actions in England which would have involved clandestine information gathering, torture of suspects to gain confessions and death by burning at the stake. Good for Edward, he refused at first but later bowed to the might of the French King. However “surprisingly” very few Templars were found, no torture was allowed and the friendly jailors allowed most to escape. Most were absorbed into the Monasteries both in England and Scotland and given a pension for life.

French Knights at the same time c.1120 as the Knights

King Philippe 4th of France 1268-1314
His son in law King Edward 2nd of England. 1285-1327
C.1120. The Knights Templars or “Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Jerusalem” were created by a group of devout French Knights at the same time c.1120 as the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, or Hospitallers, both with the objective of protecting the Crusaders as they approached Jerusalem. After the fall of Jerusalem 1187 both were forced to retreat to nearby Acre and then to Cyprus. Cyprus was too small for both of these freelance military groupings and the Templars looked to Southern France as a better HQ. This was both a threat and opportunity for King Philippe as he had just expelled all his financial sources from France, namely the Jews, and now eyed the huge wealth of the Templars amassed during the Crusades and said to be of the same magnitude as the Catholic Church itself, as a suitable financial alternative. The threat was the Templars themselves who were not only wealthy but also had commandeered many ships providing them with the biggest navy in the Mediterranean at the time. How to deal with the Templars?